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Re: Cua-mode binding of S-return

From: Peter Heslin
Subject: Re: Cua-mode binding of S-return
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 00:46:48 +0000 (UTC)
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Apologies for coming late to this thread ...

On 2005-04-28, Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> wrote:
>  Currently cua-mode uses S-return to toggle rectangle marking.
>  This works nicely most of the time, but it is just too easy to
>  accidentally hit it after another shifted key, e.g. an upper case
>  letter.

I have never had this problem, even though I use cua-mode and I am a
very bad, horribly sloppy typist.

>  Therefore, I would like to move this to another binding, but I 
>  don't quite know which.  
>  C-return seems like a good candidate, analogue to C-space for the normal 
> mark.

C-return is used by nxml-mode for nxml-complete, its incredibly useful
context-sensitive autocompletion function.  nxml-mode is not a part of
Emacs (yet), so strictly speaking it's not a conflict, but ...

Here is a bit more detail from James Clark (in nxml-mode.texi)

    The traditional GNU Emacs key combination for completion in a
    buffer is `M-<TAB>'. However, many window systems and window
    managers use this key combination themselves (typically for
    switching between windows) and do not pass it to
    applications. It's hard to find key combinations in GNU Emacs that
    are both easy to type and not taken by something else.  `C-<RET>'
    (i.e.  pressing the Enter or Return key, while the Ctrl key is
    held down) is available.  It won't be available on a traditional
    terminal (because it is indistinguishable from Return), but it
    will work with a window system.  Therefore we adopt the following
    solution by default: use `C-<RET>' when there's a window system
    and `M-<TAB>' when there's not.  In the following, I will assume
    that a window system is being used and will therefore refer to

>  But we have talked about separating the cua-mode rectangle code
>  from cua, and as such a good binding to toggle rectangle marking
>  will have to be found anyway.

Have you really had complaints about S-return?


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