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Re: Relation with package authors (CPerl-mode follow-ups)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Relation with package authors (CPerl-mode follow-ups)
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 17:28:19 -0400
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>>> I've been recently in touch with Ilya Zakharevich (CPerl-mode author)
>>> about Cperl-mode bugs I found in current version from Emacs CVS
>>> trunk (version 5).
>> Please post them here.

> I will do. Last time I reported one, you told me perl-mode did not
> have such a bug :-P

But either you didn't mention or I didn't notice that the bug is also absent
from the original cperl-mode.el.  I'm not really interested in fixing
cperl-mode bugs, but I do find it important that our local changes to
cperl-mode don't add new bugs.

>> There was a disagreement about what the code should look like (I don't know
>> the specifics but my understanding is that Richard wanted some changes that
>> Ilya rejected), so his version and the Emacs version are not the same.
>> I do send him every patch I apply to Emacs's cperl-mode.el.

> I'm happy you do.  How does he react to your changes?

He acknowledges them (along the lines of "OK, I'll check later whether these
are appropriate for my version").


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