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Re: executable-find in files.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: executable-find in files.el
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 15:07:36 -0400
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>> + (defun executable-find (command)
>> +   "Search for COMMAND in `exec-path' and return the absolute file name.
>> + Return nil if COMMAND is not found anywhere in `exec-path'."
>> +   ;; Use 1 rather than file-executable-p to better match the behavior of
>> +   ;; call-process.
>> +   (locate-file command exec-path exec-suffixes 1))

> Passing 1 as last arg of locate-file is subtly different from passing
> file-executable-p.  I think the latter does a better job, so I think
> executable-find should use file-executable-p.

Have you read the comment you quoted?  What do you reply to that?
Do you think it's more important to "do a subtly better job" or to "match
the behavior of call-process"?
In my view, the point of executable-find is to figure out whether there is
a command that we can run.  If it tells us "I found /ssh:foo/bar/baz", but
then call-process fails because it doesn't work through Tramp, I think it's
a problem.


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