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Re: revert-buffer and changes in encoding

From: Evil Boris
Subject: Re: revert-buffer and changes in encoding
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 10:02:24 -0400
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I do not know if the issue I describe below is related to the thread I
am posting this under (how encoding is handled under revert-buffer).

I have seen the following behavior in both BBDB and RMAIL (with recent
CVS Emacs).  I am not sure it is repeatable every time.  I will
descrive the RMAIL situation, BBDB is similar...

I have Emacs running with RMAIL.  Several messages are in various
non-ASCII encodings (UTF-8, latin-1, koi8-r, for example).  They are
all displayed proprerly.  I read mail in an another instance of
Emacs.  Now I return to this one, RMAIL asks if it should re-read the
file.  I say "yes".  At this point (some of) the non-ASCII msgs are
displayed as \231 gibberish.  My first reaction was that RMAIL managed
to mangle the mailbox, but this is not the case: Killing the buffer
and re-reading it brings everything back to normal (in fact, SAVING
the buffer, killing it, and re-reading it brings everything back).

BBDB is similar---if I change .bbdb in another instance of emacs and
am stupid enough to let bbdb revert the data base, all the "funny"
characters display as gibberish, until I kill .bbdb buffer and let
bbdb reload it.  

Bright ideas are welcome.

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