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the new makefile faces

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: the new makefile faces
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 23:16:24 -0700


Am I the only one that finds the new makefile-shell-face annoying? 

It is unnecessarily distracting with that "seashell1" background.

IMHO it does not bring any useful visual information. In a Makefile
lines that start with an whitespace are either commands (and now
they are highlighted with the makefile-shell-face), or mistakes
(i.e. lines that don't start with a tab) and makefile-space-face is
great at showing those.

IMHO the makefile-targets-face is also annoying. The fact that it
using underlines is not great. IMHO the old setting was much better. 

Do we really need new faces introduced at this point in the release

Again this is all IMHO, but I have a feeling that I might not be the
only one that thinks like this. I apologize in advance if that turns
out not to be the case.


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