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Re: font-lock-comment-delimiter-face

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: font-lock-comment-delimiter-face
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 09:02:09 -0400
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> I don't think I am the only user who uses a console and finds
> comments in red hard to read.

You're probably right.  But:
- how many exactly?
- how serious is it?  can't they just customize their comment color?
- why should these users get special treatment?
  I mean, I find the default colors in font-lock to be illegible
  (i.e. I can read every letter, but the colors significantly slowdown my
  reading), so I had to change most/all of them.

> Nor the only one who would like comment delimiters in red.
> And this is a small change.

The downsides of course are:
- it costs CPU time even though in the end the result is only visible for
  those specific users who happen to be using 8-color ttys (or those few
  extra rare ones who read the NEWS and figured they want an angrier fruit
  salad and thus changed their font-lock-comment-delimiter-face to be
  visible in other cases as well).
- it annoys those users who do run 8-color ttys but whose red is readable
  just fine.
- maybe some users want it, but they can't want it that badly since they
  haven't asked for it.
- The most important problem: it's majorly buggy.


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