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Re: org-mode and mode hooks.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: org-mode and mode hooks.
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 19:28:18 +0200
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Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden> writes:

> Lute Kamstra wrote:
>    You seem only to consider the problem that GLOBAL-MODE-buffers is not
>    called.  It can also be a problem when it is called too early.
> I agree that if run-mode-hooks is used, it should be run at the very
> end.  That was the convention even before
> `after-change-major-mode-hook' was introduced.
> Actually, confusion arose, because I was looking at the current code
> of org-mode, which does not run `after-change-major-mode-hook' at all.

It runs after-change-major-mode-hook indirectly: org-mode calls
outline-mode, which calls run-mode-hooks, which runs
after-change-major-mode-hook.  That way, global-font-lock-mode-buffers
is first called before org-mode sets font-lock-defaults.


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