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Re: log-edit.el

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: log-edit.el
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 18:31:58 +1200

 >     Also, I use log-edit-insert-changelog all the time but never use pcl-cvs.
 >     How about moving the node about log-edit from the pcl-cvs manual into
 >     the Emacs manual?
 > Ok, please do.
 >      > No objection here,
 >     OK, I will merge the node "Editing a Log Message" from the pcl-cvs manual
 >     into the node "Features of the Log Entry Buffer" in the Emacs manual.
 > When you propose to rearrange the manual, please wait for me to ok it.
 > Please don't go ahead and do it just because a single other person
 > says he likes the idea.

Its just a statement of intent. I realise that if did I go ahead and install a
change that you don't like, I might have to take it out.  But even then it
would only be my time that I've wasted.  At least I have explained my
reasoning on the mailing list.  Compare that to the changes in make-mode.el.
Who, apart from the author and perhaps yourself, knows whats thats all about?


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