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Re: The MH-E repository

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: The MH-E repository
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 07:27:56 -0700

Peter S Galbraith <address@hidden> wrote:

> Bill Wohler <address@hidden> wrote:
> > My two big questions are: 1) Is anyone against this, and why?
> Sometimes in the past, a MH-E developer would _try_ something, possibly
> a new way of handling something.  He would check the new code into CVS
> and it might break the codebase a little while it was being finalized,
> but it was checked in so other developers could try it out and give
> feedback.  I wouldn't feel comfortable doing this anymore knowing that
> I'm affecting Emacs for a far greater number of users.

Good observation. Note that we are not affecting Emacs users who do not
use MH-E. Perhaps the Emacs developers and users who check out CVS Emacs
who use MH-E are also comfortable with this. It is extremely rare.

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