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Re: Version of the Lisp Manual.

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Version of the Lisp Manual.
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 21:11:59 +0300

> Cc: address@hidden
> From: Lute Kamstra <address@hidden>
> Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 17:40:50 +0200
> Why not let the edition of the manual equal the version of Emacs?

I think that's because not every version of Emacs automatically causes
a new edition of the manual to be printed by the FSF.  Producing a
printed manual for sale in bookstores is a costly process; I think the
FSF only does that from time to time, not when a new Emacs version is

> When you see edition 2.5 of the Lisp manual, that probably doesn't
> tell you much.

It tells me that it is different from an older edition if that older
edition's number is different.  The same as when you see a book named
"The Great Foo Bar Book, second edition".

> The first thing you will do is figure out to which Emacs version
> that corresponds.

That's why the title page says:

  @sp 6
  @center @titlefont{GNU Emacs Manual}
  @sp 4
  @center @value{EDITION} Edition, Updated for Emacs Version @value{EMACSVER}.

That is, the relevant Emacs version appears right next to the manual's
edition.  No need to go hunting for it.

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