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Re: A few issues with thumbs.el

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: A few issues with thumbs.el
Date: 12 Jun 2005 12:45:42 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> > Alternatively, the cleanup could be triggered periodically, via
> > timers or by any other means.
> > The problem with both alternatives is that there will be
> > circumstances when the thumbnails directory will be bigger
> > (perhaps much bigger) than `thumbs-thumbsdir-max-size'; but this
> > is no different of what happens right now.
> Indeed, the delete-upon-load is also a heuristic and it's not
> necessarily better than any other.  I think anything is OK, as long
> as it's run at least once per Emacs session where you use thumbs
> without being run too often to slow everything down.

I am merging this into tumme.el right now. How about something simple
like using a defvar to store information about whether the clean-up
function has been called in this session or not?

After each call to `tumme-display-thumbs', check that variable, and if
nil, ask the user if it is OK to do a clean up (or really check if a
clean-up is necessary). We can provide options like "Yes, please
clen-up", "No, ask me later", or "No, and don't bother me again this
session" or something like that. Together with a custom variable that
determines if we should use cleaning at all, this should suit most
user's needs, right?

What do you say?


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