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RE: mouse-1-click-follows-link

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: mouse-1-click-follows-link
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:30:51 -0700

     > 2) The entire line should be the hot zone (no "button").
       Makes it very easy
     > to scan lines and align text anywhere on the line with the
       proper hot zone.
     > No need for your eye to move between the text (anywhere on
       the line) and the
     > hot zone.

    Thats not much of a compromise!  Jason's point about the
    touchpad makes it even more important that the entire
    line should be *not* be the hot zone.

It was meant only as my opinion, FWIW, not as a compromise of any kind
(between what and what?). And, as I've said before, having the entire line
be a hot zone is more important to me than being able to use mouse-1 to
follow links.

     > 5) The delay for mouse-1 to set point should be short, by
       default, so it is
     > not inconvenient to set point with mouse-1. The current
       default delay is too
     > long. Users will naturally click very quickly to follow a
       link, and if they
     > click too slowly, they will quickly learn to click quicker
       (or consult the
     > doc to change the delay value).

    Whatever the period, its hard to estimate in your head while
    clicking.  How long should a piece of string be?

Such a delay is not estimated in one's head. You try it. Too slow? You try
it faster. Too fast? You try it slower. You like it? You save it.

BTW: In Windows, the mouse double-click delay is configured with a sliding
scale, and you can double-click a test area to see what the value would mean
_in practice_. Handy and simple. Something like this could be useful for
defining mouse delays in Emacs too. In the present case, you would
test-click (mouse-1) a link to see if you liked the current delay - change
it and test-click again etc. Should be simple to implement. (Just an idea,
for consideration after the release, not now.)

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