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Re: Bad Protocol request 77

From: jhd
Subject: Re: Bad Protocol request 77
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 19:58:57 +0200

As you had a recipe for reproducing this, it is probably the œ character that is either miscoded in the string argument (the penultimate argument, an XChar2b *) or it is missing in the font used for bold. If you can print
the values in the XChar2b* (the last  argument to XDrawImageString16
specifies the length in characters, i.e. bytes/2) and use xfd to inspect the font used, you should be able to tell if all characters in the XChar2b*
are present in the font.

It's indeed missing from the font,

I don't know if Emacs can do much about this. Perhaps we could handle the error somehow, but there might be many characters passed to XDrawImageString16 and not drawing all of them would look bad. If it where only one an empty rectangle could be drawn instead.

    Jan D.

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