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Re: Some error info from configure.bat please

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Some error info from configure.bat please
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 18:01:18 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

It does say, e.g., that you use a somewhat old version of GCC which
does not support the -mtune=pentium4 option.
Oh, I have to look again. I thought I was using the latest MinGW released.

If that output is not enough, we could add some more text to what is
written to config.log, and you could then look for it with findstr or
some such.  For example, if all you care for is whether configure.bat
succeeded, we could have configure.bat echo something like "configure
FAILED" to the end of config.log.
Would be fine.

So I guess we are not talking about command files you want to add to
the Emacs sources, yes?
Of course I will offer them, when I found they are stable and have made a sane decision for their look. But I still feel they are work in progress and lack solid quality. There is no good error checking yet because I have not understood how make reports errors yet. How should I check for errors from different make commands like "make install", "make bootstrap" etc?

BTW, is "make info" necessary any more after "make" or "make bootstrap"?

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