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RE: dolist? - same result on 21.3

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dolist? - same result on 21.3
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 14:46:24 -0700

Likewise, in Emacs 20.7 ("..." doesn't work, even though ".." does), so this
is old behavior.

And mapcar has the same behavior (the resulting list is correct, however).
This is true in both Emacs 22 (from CVS April) and Emacs 20.7.

mapc is implemented in C source in more recent Emacs versions, but in Emacs
20.7 it is defined in terms of mapcar (in cl-extra.el).

It seems odd that the behavior would be the same across versions, but in
Emacs 22, the C code for mapc and mapcar look similar, as do the mapcar C
implementations for Emacs 20 and 22 (different alloc methods).

Looks like a nice bug, to me.

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