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widget-inactive face unusable

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: widget-inactive face unusable
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:20:53 +0200
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I found the face widget-inactive unusable, at least on w32. Can anyone see the difference between active and inactive buttons in Custom?

It is currently defined as

(defface widget-inactive '((((class grayscale color)
                (background dark))
               (:foreground "light gray"))
              (((class grayscale color)
                (background light))
               (:foreground "dim gray"))
               (:slant italic)))
 "Face used for inactive widgets."
 :group 'widget-faces)
;; backward-compatibility alias
(put 'widget-inactive-face 'face-alias 'widget-inactive)

I get the "dim gray" foreground. I do not know what "dim" stands for but removing it gives me a more useful color. The widget label is now really gray. (However it might even be too hard to read.)

How does it look on other platforms? Can we change it to something useful?

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