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Re: doctor.el

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: doctor.el
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 16:43:01 -0400

    There are a number a variables that are made buffer local, that are
    unique to doctor.el should those be prefixed as well?

On general principles it would be cleaner to do so.  Another
alternative is to defvar them without initial value, since that
doesn't affect other files.  On general principles, that is less
clean, but it might be adequate, and it might be more convenient in
other ways.

    When you mention the 'doctor specs' are you referring to the below:
    (defun doctor-meaning (x) (get x 'doctor-meaning))

    (defmacro doctor-put-meaning (symb val)
        "Store the base meaning of a word on the property list."
        (list 'put (list 'quote symb) ''doctor-meaning val))

    doctor-put is called on a bunch of global symbols, but the property is
    prefixed by 'doctor-',


     if these are the ones you want converted would
    it be better to not use properties at all,

I looked at that, and it looks like the names defined with
doctor-put-meaning have nothing to do with the issue.  I was talking
about the names that seem to be set up as local variables.  That is
what makes the warnings.

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