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Re: dolist?

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: dolist?
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 16:42:49 -0400

    (mapc #'(lambda (x) (message "...%s" x)) '(1 2 3 4))

    In *Messages* =>

    Seems like a "feature" of the messages, when using "...".

This feature is very useful--it prevents a series of progress
messages from cluttering up *Messages*.

It ought to be better documented, though.  I explained this in the
Lisp Manual.

Drew Adams wrote:

    Yes, but it should not be hard-wired into the standard message function.

There's no need for that.  *Message* is meant to provide convenient
info for the user.  Giving programs "full control over *Message*" is
not the goal.  (But they can get it by editing the buffer directly.)

    That is, if you ever want more than just the last "..." message to show up
    in *Messages*, you're out of luck. The standard `message' function should be
    more general (standard).

That would be tantamount to disabling the feature most of the time.
It would make things worse, not better.  We will not make that change.

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