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Re: Completion with M-Tab for custom type 'directory

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Completion with M-Tab for custom type 'directory
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 01:14:12 +0200
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David Kastrup wrote:

3) Alt-Tab is useless as a default since it is not available in window
 type environments. Esc-Tab is in this case available, but is not
 always the case. (This message has been repeated many times now and
 I really long for a resulotion of this.)
In what circumstances is Esc-TAB not available?

The case I think of is when viper-mode is in vi state. I am using
viper all the time.

Then you really should read

(info "(viper) Vi State")

This is not as much an Emacs problem as it is a viper problem, and
viper has explicitly documented and addressed this problem.

Thanks, I have read it now:

    Viper uses <ESC> as a switch between Insert and Vi states.  Emacs
    uses <ESC> for Meta.  The Meta key is very important in Emacs
    since many functions are accessible only via that key as `M-x
    function-name'.  Therefore, we need to simulate it somehow.  In
    Viper's Vi, Insert, and Replace states, the meta key is set to be
    `C-\'.  Thus, to get `M-x', you should type `C-\ x' (if the
    keyboard has no Meta key, which is rare these days).  This works
    both in the Vi command state and in the Insert and Replace states.
    In Vi command state, you can also use `\ <ESC>' as the meta key.

    Note: Emacs binds `C-\' to a function that offers to change the
    keyboard input method in the multilingual environment.  Viper
    overrides this binding.  However, it is still possible to switch
    the input method by typing `\ C-\' in the Vi command state and
    `C-z \ C-\' in the Insert state.  Or you can use the MULE menu in
    the menubar.

On a swedish keyboard I can not use C-\ at all. In vi state I can not use ESC. The window manager prevents me from using Alt-Tab. So what is left for completion? And note that I would pretty much want completion to be very easy to reach!

Suppose I do not know anything about Emacs. What would you expect me to think in a w32 environment with a swedish (or other national) keyboard?

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