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Re: Scroll lock

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: Scroll lock
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 13:45:22 +0200
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* Juanma Barranquero (2005-07-04) writes:

> I've been using for years Mikael Sjödin's pager.el (available at
> http://user.it.uu.se/~mic/pager.el).  It's a tiny module, just five
> short functions, and its main advantage is that allows you to do
> page-down/page-up and the cursor is back to where it was, column and
> all (i.e., it has sort of a `temporary-goal-column', just for paging
> and scrolling). That's much more intuitive to me that cursor going
> always to the beginning of line. It also has "line scrolling"
> functions.
> So the comment/question is: could this functionality (not necessarily
> pager.el) be included in Emacs, or it is already there and I missed
> it?

Attached you can find the current version of scroll-lock.el which will
keep point horizontally fixed (as far as possible) for line- and
paragraph-based scrolling.  This could be extended to page-based
scrolling (`C-v', `M-v') and be made configurable if necessary.

Compared to the last version I removed the key binding for toggling
the mode, made the mode buffer-local, and made it possible for point
to move upwards when `C-p' and similar is typed at the top of the
buffer and to move downward when `C-n' is typed at the bottom of the

Apart for the points mentioned above the file is ready for inclusion
into Emacs if people like to have it.


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