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Re: optimization for pop movemail

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: optimization for pop movemail
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 03:00:42 -0400

+  if (line == pop_error && strlen (line) < sizeof (pop_error) - 5)

That code is a horrible kludge.

Yeah, true... even worse than the existing kludge of using the error-return buffer, sometimes, to hold the message to be sent out.

  It would be better to copy the string
to a temporary buffer and add the \r\n there.  You could allocate it
with alloca.  That is clean, and you could do it unconditionally.

Okay, will do.

This may as well be fixed now--why wait?

Wasn't sure if we were very close to a release or something. I haven't seen any mail indicating it, but I have seen mail talking about freezing some kinds of changes, and I can't quite keep up on all the list mail so I might've missed something if it was under a subject line that looked uninteresting to me. And it's debatable whether this is a bug fix or just a minor efficiency issue.

I'll revise the patch and check it in, should be sometime this week...


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