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[patch] Arabic iso-8859-6 and input/language files

From: Thamer Mahmoud
Subject: [patch] Arabic iso-8859-6 and input/language files
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 00:37:54 +0300
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I'm working on a small hack to enable viewing of Arabic emails in Gnus
and VM mode under emacs22. Arabic, being similar to Hebrew, requires
support for right-to-left editing in addition to contextual glyph
shaping, both features are not supported in emacs22. Because of that,
I opted to use solutions outside the scope of emacs (like fribidi for

However, the only problem I'm facing is the lack of support for the
iso-8859-6 decoding/encoding for files and mime messages. Looking at
the code in question, I can see that such support is already there and
only some small and minor changes are required to get it to work.

I'd like to see this or a similar patch in emacs22. The attached file
includes the following:

      - Enable support for iso-8859-6. 
      - Add properly encoded Arabic characters to the HELLO file. 
      - Remove a block of code from code-pages.el that conflicts 
        with the new iso-8859-6 support.  

arabic.el: Language file for Arabic.

arabic.el.quail: Input modes for Arabic and Persian.

Thamer Mahmoud

Attachment: arabic-e22.tar.gz
Description: patch

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