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Re: Sorting of directories in dired

From: Alex Schroeder
Subject: Re: Sorting of directories in dired
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 19:56:00 +0200
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> Interesting. I can see your point. However do you use w32? Do you not find it 
> disturbing then that the ordering of files are different in Emacs than 
> outside Emacs on w32?
> Maybe you never leave Emacs? But for newbies who are used to other apps under 
> w32, would it not be easier for them to adopt to Emacs if the default 
> ordering was the same as for other apps? And those of us (I know now) who can 
> change it, can't we just do that?

I use Emacs on OSX, Windows, and Slackware.  I would like it to be as
similar as possible.  That being said, I understand the need to cater
for newbies, and I would not mind people adding an option or minor mode
(or theme) to give Unix, Windows, OSX, or any other system's defaults --
as long as I can use those defaults on all the systems I use.

If we start using the current OS to determine defaults, I will have to
find all these variables myself is a slow process of getting used to the
new Emacs and customizing it.

If instead of using a single variable such as window-system we used
another variable such as window-system-preference that defaults to
window-system, then I could set one variable to get all the defaults right.

custom-themes will not make this job easier, but added functionality
that nobody needs makes the coding and testing very tricky.  But that's
something I said years ago...  eg. here:


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