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Re: etc/refcard.tex update.

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: etc/refcard.tex update.
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:38:38 +0300
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>>>     What still bothers me in `Query Replace' is that `C-M-%' is not
>>>     mentioned.  Lute added a comment saying that it can't be typed on
>>>     consoles.  But is it a reason for majority of users (X, xterm,
>>>     MSWindows, MacOS) to not know about `C-M-%'?  Users who can't type
>>>     `C-M-%' on consoles, have other means (manuals, help facility) to find
>>>     a replacement command.
>>> I would not mind mentioning it, if there is room.
>> There is no room:
> C-x @ c m %
> Oh, damn, there is no way to apply both control and meta that way.

The Emacs manual suggest `C-x @ h C-a' to enter `Hyper-Control-a'.
So `C-x @ c M-%' seems natural to enter `C-M-%'.  But it doesn't work.
It translates `C-x @ c M-%' to two separate key presses: `C-x @ c ESC'
(i.e. C-ESC) and `%'.  Is it possible to make `C-x @ c M-%' to work
on consoles?

> Shouldn't there be?
> E.g.
> C-x @ C M %

This is a shorter key sequence for typing a key with the help of `C-x @'
than using `C-x @' twice which is mentioned in the manual as a currently
impossible way to add two modifiers.  Also with upper-case letters it
looks like the standard syntax for `C-M-%' without hyphens.

But there is a conflict between Shift and Super, which use the
same character modifier with different case.

Juri Linkov

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