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Re: completion problems

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: completion problems
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 14:57:42 -0400
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> * Richard M. Stallman <address@hidden> [2005-07-15 14:11:20 -0400]:
>     the current cvs head appears to have a problem with completion.
>     when I have a file (or buffer) named foo.bar and I type "foo." and hit
>     TAB, the cursor moves 1 step to the left (i.e., between "o" and ".")
>     instead of completing to "foo.bar".
>     this happens with "-" instead of "." too.
> It works ok when I try it.
> I used a directory with no other files that start with `foo'.

I have 3 files:

C-x C-f c o n TAB

==> completed to "config", cursor right after "g" (correct)


*Completions* buffer pops up with the 3 files above,
and cursor is now between "g" and "." (incorrect, I expected a
completion to "config.h.in").

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