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with-temp-buffer, insert-file-content and errors

From: drkm
Subject: with-temp-buffer, insert-file-content and errors
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 00:54:45 +0200
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  If you eval the following:

    (defun drkm:test ()
        (insert-file-contents "/tmp/an-existing-file" t)
        (insert "To modify the buffer...")
        (error "Some error")))

and then 'M-x drkm:test <RET>', you'll be prompt for saving or
not the " *temp*" buffer, *before* seeing the error (making a
function is only to not have the debugger started because using
'C-x C-e').

  But because you don't see the error when you are prompted, in
some case it may be more difficult to know what you want to

  I guess 'with-temp-buffer' have to be modified to show the
error before (or while) 'kill-buffer' prompts the user, isn't it?


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