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Re: Turn on longlines in text modes [patch]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Turn on longlines in text modes [patch]
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 10:29:49 -0400
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> I've actually tried implementing something like this before.  It works,
> but there are more side effects than in the current longlines
> implementation.  The C-a and C-e commands go to the beginning and end of
> the long lines instead of screen lines, which is correct but not useful,
> so they would have to be modified before this mode can work properly.
> Since there's interest, I'll see if I can iron out the problems, and post
> a longlines-2-mode for people to try out.

You may want to see if it can be integrated with screen-lines.el (which is
supposed to cause things like C-n, C-p, C-e, C-a to go work on
display-lines rather than on text-lines).
I expect screen-lines.el to not work well in the above settings, so I guess
the only thing I'm saying is that the screen-line.el part of the behavior
should be provided separately from longlines-2-mode since it's useful in its
own right.


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