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Strange change in bytecmop.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Strange change in bytecmop.el
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 17:49:42 -0400
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Regarding the change below:

        * emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-and-recursion): New function.
        (byte-compile-and): Use byte-compile-and-recursion.
        (byte-compile-or-recursion): New function.
        (byte-compile-or): Use that.
        (byte-compile-if): Guard the else-clause too.
        (byte-compile-maybe-guarded): Handle (not (featurep 'emacs)).

the last part not only is strange because (featurep 'emacs) is never used
(since Emacs does not provide the `emacs' feature) but also because it tries
to handle (featurep 'xemacs) even though that's already handled in
byteopt.el where we do:

   (put 'featurep 'byte-optimizer 'byte-optimize-featurep)
   (defun byte-optimize-featurep (form)
     ;; Emacs-21's byte-code doesn't run under XEmacs anyway, so we can
     ;; safely optimize away this test.
     (if (equal '((quote xemacs)) (cdr-safe form))

-- Stefan

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