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RE: address@hidden: Info on define-minor-mode - :init-valueor :initial-v

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden: Info on define-minor-mode - :init-valueor :initial-value?]
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 10:43:41 -0700

    >  (if foo-mode (foo-mode 1))

    This will turn on the minor mode if you happen to browse the
    customize group (because Custom will then load the file).
    I.e. it'd be a bug.

Sorry, I don't understand. If the variable is t, then the mode should be
turned on, no? Does it matter whether it is Customize or the user who loads
the file? The mode will be turned on only if the variable is t - why is that
bad? What am I missing?

And, as I said, I picked this up from the standard Lisp sources, so if it is
unadvisable then some updating might be in order.

If we don't get rid of :init-value (not my call), and the above code is
faulty, then what do you recommend to users writing libraries - just use nil
as the :init-value always?

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