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Re: emacs & MAXPATHLEN

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: emacs & MAXPATHLEN
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 20:30:15 +0200
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"Richard M. Stallman" <address@hidden> writes:
OK, I will fix that errors and make the getcwd code allocated dynamically.

Giuseppe Scrivano
> You're right that xsmfns.c needs to be fixed too.  I overlooked that
> one.
>     +#ifdef _GNU_SOURCE
> The purpose of _GNU_SOURCE is to control the behavior of
> system header files.  User programs should not test it, only set it.
> We could have config test for the existence of get_current_dir_name.
> +      buf = malloc(strlen(pwd)+1);
> +      if(!buf)
> +        fatal ("`malloc' failed in init_buffer\n");
> Our convention for whitespace is
> +      buf = malloc (strlen (pwd)+1);
> +      if (!buf)
> +        fatal ("`malloc' failed in init_buffer\n");
> However, the main thing is that you haven't got rid of the
> arbitrary limit.  You allocate the buffer dynamically,
> but you don't make it bigger if the data doesn't fit.

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