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Problem with chinese gbk fonts on w32

From: Sun Yijiang
Subject: Problem with chinese gbk fonts on w32
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 10:31:28 +0800

The first screenshot (w32bdf-bad.png) is from Emacs on w32 with "src/w32bdf.c" revision 1.21 and later, and the second (w32bdf-nice.png) is the same with "src/w32bdf.c" revision 1.20. The changelog says (from 1.20 to 1.21):

(w32_load_bdf_font): Set fontp->average_width and fontp->space_width to FONT_WIDTH so they are valid.

I think this change is probably not fully tested. When I use the mule-gbk package and set font for chinese characters, they look so wide, but when I use "emacs -q" they look nice, make no difference with previous CVS Emacs. I roll back the src/w32bdf.c to older version, and everything is OK. I think the change of w32bdf.c should be reviewed, since this is really a bug.

Sun Yijiang

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