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From: Romain Francoise
Subject: widen-automatically
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 10:40:57 +0200

In simple.el we have the following code:

(defvar widen-automatically t
  "Non-nil means it is ok for commands to call `widen' when they want to.
Some commands will do this in order to go to positions outside
the current accessible part of the buffer.

If `widen-automatically' is nil, these commands will do something else
as a fallback, and won't change the buffer bounds.")

(defun pop-global-mark ()
        (if widen-automatically
            (error "Global mark position is outside accessible part of buffer")

Isn't this test the opposite of what was intended?

Romain Francoise <address@hidden> | The world is a fine place,
it's a miracle -- http://orebokech.com/ | and worth fighting for.
                                        | --Ernest Hemingway

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