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From: Nick Roberts
Subject: FOR-RELEASE.W32
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 21:44:28 +1200

 > As Richard has said that Emacs-on-Windows problems shouldn't delay the
 > release, Lennart and I have been thinking of adding a file
 > (tentatively named admin/FOR-RELEASE.W32) listing things that would be
 > nice to have before releasing a binary tarball for Windows.
 > Of course, there's no guarantee any of the listed things would be
 > implemented...
 > Any objection/addition/change to name/intent/contents?

In the admin directory, it seems fairly clear that FOR-RELEASE contains tasks
whose completion are currently considered a prerequisite for a release.  Since
this would not be the case for your proposed file, I suggest that it is called
TODO and placed in the nt directory.


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