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Re: info.texi

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: info.texi
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:02:55 +0300
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> PS: I also have a proposal on a better node partition in info.texi,
> but I will send a separate patch, because after moving Info nodes
> up and down, small changes will not be visible in the diff.

Since now fixes for info.texi are installed, I want to propose
a better node partition.  The main deficiency of the current partition
is that there are only two major top level nodes: `Getting Started' -
for novices, and `Expert Info' which mixes normal Info commands
that every user needs to know (such as search), and description of
the Info format with unnecessary information for most Info users.

The new node tree has three top nodes: `Getting Started' for novices,
`Advanced' for advances users, and `Expert Info' with the description
of Info internals.

The overlong node `Advanced' is split into `Go to node', `Choose menu
subtopic', `Edit document' and `Create Info buffer'.  The overlong
node `Info Search' is split into `Search Index' and `Search Text'.
The node `Emacs Info Variables' changes its place to be under
`Advanced'.  The node `Creating an Info File' moves under `Expert Info'.

I could submit a patch if this is ok.

Old TOC:                                New TOC:

Top                                     Top
Getting Started                         Getting Started
        Help-Small-Screen                       Help-Small-Screen
        Help                                    Help
        Help-P                                  Help-P
        Help-^L                                 Help-^L
        Help-Inv                                Help-Inv
                Help-]                                  Help-]
                Help-]                                  Help-]
                Help-]                                  Help-]
        Help-M                                  Help-M
                Help-FOO                                Help-FOO
                Help-FOO                                Help-FOO
                Help-FOO                                Help-FOO
        Help-Xref                               Help-Xref
        Help-Int                                Help-Int
        Help-Q                                  Help-Q
Expert Info                             Advanced
        Advanced                                Go to node
        Info Search                             Choose menu subtopic
        Add                                     Edit document
        Menus                                   Create Info buffer
        Cross-refs                              Search Index
                Help-Cross                      Search Text
        Tags                                    Emacs Info Variables
        Checking                        Expert Info
        Emacs Info Variables                    Add
Creating an Info File                           Menus
Index                                           Cross-refs
                                                Creating an Info File

Juri Linkov

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