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From: Karl Chen
Subject: interpreter-mode-alist
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 23:57:59 -0700

The documentation for the variable `interpreter-mode-alist'
    The car of each element, a regular expression, is compared
    with the name of the interpreter specified in the first line.
    If it matches, mode MODE is selected.

This doesn't match the actual functionality of `set-auto-mode'.

`set-auto-mode' uses `assoc' to look in `interpreter-mode-alist',
i.e., the car of the element has to be string-equal to the name of
the interpreter.

There is a small utility in allowing a regexp (I wanted to use
"python[0-9.]*"), but I wouldn't mind if the doc string were
fixed instead, for simplicity.

Karl 2005-08-09 23:51

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