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AW: AW: Can't interrupt directory_files_internal runfromtimer-event-hand

From: klaus.berndl
Subject: AW: AW: Can't interrupt directory_files_internal runfromtimer-event-handler
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:59:11 +0200

    In fact: ECB has some tasks which should be run really(!) stealthy, like
    checking if a dir is empty, getting the VC-state of all files in a dir,
    checking which files in a dir are read-only... in case of a remote host

>The best way to do this and make sure it is stealthy is by running a
>subprocess.  The subprocess can run in parallel with Emacs.

Hmm, i'm not sure if this is the best way?! Lets take a look at the
VC-state-checking task which should run stealthy: For this have to use
the wonderful package vc.el (and sublibs). Subprocesses are only senseful
for OS-operations where no elisp-interface exists, but not for task for which
i have to use an already existing elisp-interface. If Emacs would offer threads
then i would agree with you that using separate threads is the best approach.

Is there a way to use the elisp-interface of vc.el via a subprocess - AFAIK not.
Therefore subprocesses are not the right way to do this and i have really not the
time (i also not do not want to do it) to reinvent the wheel for all the VC-stuff
when there is already a fine and well-tested elisp-interface.

Maybe for a task like checking if a dir is empty a subprocess could be a senseful
approach but i want a general elisp-backbone for all stealthy
ECB-tasks and such a backbone can not build onto subprocesses - at least AFAIK


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