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Re: Entering filenames with spaces

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Entering filenames with spaces
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 17:26:55 +0100

On 12 Aug 2005, at 16:58, Drew Adams wrote:

The point is that users are free to get rid of the SPC bindings to
minibuffer-complete-word. I think that David was saying that he never uses word completion - in that case, just removing the bindings suffices. Those who do use it have several options, including the alternatives of binding it to something else (to use SPC for inserting a space) and binding something
else to a command to insert a space. You could even do it one way for
file-name completion and the other way 'round for other completion...

I think that would make a lot of sense.

Either way, I want to stress that the default binding of the space bar should be too insert a space. Think of a new user, or of a user like me who doesn't use a lot of spaces in file names. Don't pressure someone into googling for a solution for something as simple as that. It's not smart from a UI perspective to assign a highly application- specific function to a commonly used key with a fixed meaning, just because it's slightly more convenient to a small fraction of users instead of hitting Tab.

Remove the binding and allow specialist users who know what they are doing to add the binding with a simple define-key.
For non-filename minibuffers where spaces aren't inserted, I don't care.

By the way, mapping ESC to Meta is a very similar thing. Esc is meant to let the user "escape" the current situation. But the difference is that Esc for Meta is a burned-in, long-standing choice that a lot of people (consoles!) are used to, so there's no way one should change it.


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