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Re: Overlong nodes in the Emacs Lisp Manual

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: Overlong nodes in the Emacs Lisp Manual
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 17:54:14 -0400

    Both the Emacs Manual and the Lisp Manual are distributed with Emacs,
    so making a cross-reference is not a problem.  Or do you mean hardcopy
    versions of the Lisp Manual?


    Regexp syntax doesn't change too often, so syncing these manuals
    between each other before the release would be enough - I see
    no reason for the text about regexps to be different in both manuals.

I am sure there are differences that are intentional.  Please
drop this issue.

Are there any tasks in FOR-RELEASE that you could do?  Could you
perhaps split some of the longer nodes in the manual?  I would like to
split every node that documents a specific technical topic and is
longer than 200 lines.  200 lines is still too long, for such a node,
but splitting the longer nodes is at least a start.

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