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RE: update of emacsclient.1

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: update of emacsclient.1
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 06:30:17 -0700

    Under "DESCRIPTION" it says:
       You  typically  do not call emacsclient directly.  Instead,
       you set the environment variable EDITOR to emacsclient and
       let programs like 'vipw' or  'bug'  or anything run it for
       you, which will use an existing Emacs to visit the file.
    I myself call `emacsclient' often from the shell.  And should these
    `vipw' and `bug' programs be really mentioned?  I use Debian GNU/Linux,
    the system for which the man page was originally written, but I don't
    have this `bug' program.
    What people think of changing the above paragraph to

       You can either call emacsclient directly or set the environment
       variable EDITOR to 'emacsclient' and let other programs run it for
       you, thus using an existing Emacs to edit the file.

I agree. On Windows, for instance, 1) users will most often access it via
file associations or shortcuts; 2) users won't have those programs, either.

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