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Re: Simultaneous gdb session badness

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Simultaneous gdb session badness
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:11:55 +1200

Michael Welsh Duggan writes:
 > Yes, I see that now.  It was not obvious from NEWS, so I didn't
 > realize I needed to reread the gdb manual.  (I remember reading the
 > messages covering bits of this on emacs-devel now that you brought
 > this up, but I obviously didn't read them closely enough.)

The old behaviour has not changed.  Perhaps NEWS should say that the new
behaviour is the default now.  (The extract that I posted earlier was from
the Emacs manual and *not* the gdb manual.  Which NEWS did you read?)

 > More importantly though, if one cannot run multiple sessions without
 > using --fullname, M-x gdb should not allow you to attempt to so.  It
 > would be much better for it to give an understandable error message
 > letting the user know what is going on.

Sure.  The problem is that Emacs has to start running gdb and receive some
output before it knows whether its working in text mode or graphical mode.
Currently the GUD buffer is created before gdb is run.

 > > Text command mode refers to the mode used in 21.3.  The default mode for
 > > 22.1 is referred to as graphical mode and uses "gdb --annotate=3".
 > >
 > > When your gdb sessions are independent, you can always uses separate Emacs
 > > sessions, of course.
 > Of course, but I have this thing about running more than one emacs on
 > a machine at a time.  Call it silly, but I prefer not to do it.

Well with one Emacs and the old behavior you still only have one overlay arrow
which must be shared, and the program names must be different.


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