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Re: Beginingless paragraphs

From: Benjamin Riefenstahl
Subject: Re: Beginingless paragraphs
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 13:48:48 +0200
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Hi Alan,

Alan Mackenzie writes:
> What is a "paragraph" in Emacs? 

The info node that you quoted is (info "(emacs)Paragraphs") I think?
It has this text (this is a rather old CVS version, so it may be
different by now):

  [...] Blank lines and text-formatter command lines separate
  paragraphs and are not considered part of any paragraph. [...]

  [...] In major modes for programs, paragraphs begin and end only at
  blank lines.  This makes the paragraph commands continue to be
  useful even though there are no paragraphs per se. [...]

Technically the term "paragraph" is defined not by some global
definition but by the individual modes via the variables that you have
cited.  So every mode can have it's own idea of what a paragraph is.

E.g. the buffer that I'm currently writing in to compose this message,
is in GNUS' "Message" mode.  It tries to accomodate the marker that
separates the headers from the message body and also attribution lines
like the above "Alan Mackenzie writes:".


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