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Re: question about GDB mode in emacs

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: question about GDB mode in emacs
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 08:35:04 +1200

[I've moved this thread to emacs-devel as it concerns Emacs in CVS]

> Hi all:
>    I am using the gdb-mode in emacs and feel it is terrific nice
> compared with visual studio from microsoft. But I have one question
> about the gud-ui frame. To be more specificly, the problem is the
> locals of xxx window(name of the debugged program). When my debugger is
> in the main program, this mini-window can display all of the local
> variables of the main program correctly. However, if I step into other
> function or other class, it cannot display the local variables of that
> function or class(the window displays "no locals"). Is there anyway to
> ask this window dynamicly display all of the local variables(if it can
> only display the local variables of main program, it will be bad)?
> Thanks a lot for your response.

The locals buffer should work for all procedures/functions.  The only reason
that I can think of for it displaying "No locals." is that your particular
function has no locals!

If thats not the case, can you please post a simple example where it fails to


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