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RE: make `occur' use word at point as default

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: make `occur' use word at point as default
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 08:19:48 -0700

        NEXT could conceivably be used to access another default.

It's a good idea to reserve [next] for a complementary use with [prior] -
that's a natural pair, and such pairs are relatively scarce. What's more,
their names are perfect for forward-backward operations that do what they

FWIW, I use [insert], instead of [prior], in the minibuffer for
`switch-to-completions'. And I use [insert] in *Completions* to switch back
to the minibuffer. Semi-lame mnemonic: "insert" cursor....

        But I think it would be more convenient to [use M-n to]
      add [additional default values] to the list for [M-p] to access.

It should be the user's acceptance (via RET) of an input candidate that puts
an input onto the history list (for use by M-p) - it shouldn't be the mere
act of Emacs making an input candidate available or the user's looking at a
candidate via M-n. (I think that's already the case - just wanted to
emphasize it.)

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