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RE: where-is-internal question

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: where-is-internal question
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 20:19:58 -0700

    In previous Emacs versions, I could do this, to bind stuff that
    is bound to self-insert-command in the global map:

     (dolist (key (where-is-internal 'self-insert-command global-map))
       (define-key my-map key 'my-command))

    Now, however, it looks like I need to do something like the
    (dolist (key (or (condition-case nil
                         (where-is-internal 'self-insert-command
                                            global-map nil nil t)
                       (wrong-number-of-arguments nil))
                     (where-is-internal 'self-insert-command
      (define-key my-map key 'my-command))

I forgot to mention that, whereas the above code is lightning-quick in Emacs
20 (without the 5th arg), in Emacs 22 it takes about 5 _seconds_ (on a
pretty fast machine). Why so slow?

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