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Re: Patch: Follow convention for reading with the minibuffer.

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Patch: Follow convention for reading with the minibuffer.
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 09:54:47 +0300
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> Putting the colon at the end is definitely better.  Can someone fix
> C-x b to work that way?

I guess the current format of the default buffer prompt was easier
to implement.  Finding an appropriate place in the given prompt to
insert the default value is not a trivial task to do in C.  As users
can provide an arbitrary prompt (e.g. the example in the Emacs Lisp
manual suggest using the question mark: "Buffer name? ", where the
right place for the default value is just before the question mark:
"Buffer name (default foo)? "), a heuristics should be used to parse
the prompt and to find a place to insert the default value.

Ideally, there should exist a special prompt-formatting function with
two arguments: `prompt' and `default'.  For example, the default
function and format value would look like:

(defvar prompt-default-format " (default %s): ")

(defun format-prompt-default (prompt default)
  ;; If there is no default yet in the prompt
  (if (not (string-match (replace-regexp-in-string
                          "%s" ".*" prompt-default-format nil t)
      (setq prompt (replace-regexp-in-string
                    " *\\W? *$"
                    (format prompt-default-format default)

>     PS: Actually I even prefer
>       Enter the answer [42]:
>       because minibuffer width is limited.
> Now that the minibuffer prompt can be continued, saving space there is
> less important than it would have been before.  And the word "default"
> will serve to explain to new users.

With the special formatting function and the format variable this
would be easy to customize:

(setq prompt-default-format " [%s]: ")
(read-buffer "Buffer name: " "foo" t)

will display the prompt:

Buffer name [foo]:

Juri Linkov

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