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From: bruce chong
Subject: e-ALERT!!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 08:16:31 +0800

Good day,
My name is Bruce CHONG. I work, train, and recruit staff and personnel for the UNITED OVERSEAS BANK here in Singapore. However,I am contacting you based on the accounts belonging to a single holder(NAME WITH HELD FOR SECURITY REASONS) with United Overseas Bank here in Singapore.His accounts to the tune of $16.25M(Sixteen Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars) had been dormant and was last operated since 12 yrs.

This was discovered last month during my routine audit check, as the external auditor for the United Overseas Bank (UOB) Asian region,my investigations of the said account reveals that the investor died in 1993—the exert time the account were last operated. I am of the settled conviction that with you working with me, the funds can be secured quietly instead of the Singapore Government to put up an application to declare these Accounts unclaimed.

My Colleague and I wants you to participate by first putting up an application to United Overseas bank as the beneficiary /next of kin to the deceased person Accounts. The reference file with united overseas bank concerning these accounts will be sent to you via DHL or fax.

1. All the informations is contained in the reference file which will help you in putting up application requesting for these claims.According to singapore law of inheritance claims,You will have to seek for a lawyer here in Singapore who will represent you on this process.If you have such one here in Singapore let us know,But if you do not have have, we shall check UOB records to verify for one who is sure to represent your interest,and he must not know we are working together.Once his application arrives in UOB,me and my colleague will exact presure on the bank for the release of the Funds to you since we are external Auditors.The process will take between 12-14 working days.We offer you 25% for your effort while 75% will be for us from the total Funds and if this is accepted
and you are fully ready to participate  state your


address@hidden OR address@hidden

Thank you,

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