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Release timelines and Unicode2 branch

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Release timelines and Unicode2 branch
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:43:58 -0400


I'm maintaining the Emacs-on-Aqua GNUstep / OS X port, currently based on emacs 20.7 (http://emacs-on-aqua.sf.net/). I want to update this to a more recent version but would ideally like to do so against a stabilized / released version of GNU emacs -- just so I know that bugs are my own fault when doing the port. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the 21.3/21.4 release is best for this since there was a lot of change since then. That brings my first question:

1) When is the best estimate of when 22.1 will come out?

My second question concerns the unicode-2 branch of CVS. As I understand it, this branch contains reworked internal handling of character encoding, is receiving updates from CVS Head, and will eventually form the basis for a future emacs release. (23?) To avoid having to rework Emacs-on-Aqua's character handling in the future, I was thinking to base my port on this branch rather than 22.1. So my questions here:

2) Is 22.1 being released off its own branch (instead of the head), and if so are the stabilizations (to be) done there merged into unicode-2?

3) How much significant unicode-2-specific work remains before that branch becomes eligible for a release of its own? (I see from the list archives there are plans to merge unicode into CVS head, but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be further heavy development before 23.1.) And how stable / bug-free is unicode-2 right now compared with the will-become-22.1 code? What I'm getting at is, is it reasonable to port Emacs-on-Aqua to this branch now, or should I stick with the to-be-22.1 code, or perhaps just wait before starting anything?


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