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Re: Release timelines and Unicode2 branch

From: Emilio Lopes
Subject: Re: Release timelines and Unicode2 branch
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 19:34:19 +0200
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Romain Francoise writes:

> "Chong Yidong" <address@hidden> writes:
>> (2) Fix recognition of shell's `dirs' command.

> I can reproduce it with bash and 'stty echo', or with zsh.  We
> installed a change in 2003 that is supposed to fix the problem but
> doesn't work in all cases.  I spent some time a few weeks ago to try
> to find a fix but failed; I plan to work on this again in the near
> future as motivation allows...

Maybe you could report your experience so far, so that others with the
motivation need not to go all the process for themselves again.

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