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RE: Bindings on the mode-line

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Bindings on the mode-line
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 09:34:44 -0700

    I support this proposal. Emacs doesn't have convention for the usage of
    mouse-[1-3]. It is good time to define a convention like C-x for global
    binding prefix and C-c for major mode prefix.

I don't know if this is a good time for that - I doubt it. It will likely be
another wrestling match, with everyone having a different, strong opinion.
UI matters always seem to bring that out. After the release is a better

    I hope mouse-3 is reserved for context menus.

I generally agree, with the proviso that "reserved" here be interpreted
rather softly. Mouse-3 is already used for such things as extending the
region, so such a reservation could not anyway be strict. IOW, it is
generally a good convention to use mouse-3, or mouse-3 with some modifier,
for context menus, but we shouldn't change important existing functionality
just to respect such a convention (IMO).

Also, it is sometimes useful to have different context menus available at
the same time. We already have C-mouse-3 (mode) and C-mouse-2 (Text
Properties), for instance. An additional (soft) convention could hold that
in such cases, the mouse-3 menu would be more directly related to the mode
(as is the case with C-mouse-3).

    In addition a key is needed for popping up a context menu under point.

Yes, that would be useful. When there is more than one such menu, the user
could choose (e.g. in the minibuffer).

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