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Default remote user name in tramp

From: Slawomir Nowaczyk
Subject: Default remote user name in tramp
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:42:07 +0200


Is there any chance to have the following small patch applied to
tramp.el? It allows one to specify default user name for remote hosts.
Some time ago tramp used to take user-login-name as a default remote
user name if it was not specified by "address@hidden". Now, however,
default user name is nil -- which makes tramp not work unless user
name is specified on every request, at least for me (I use "plink"
method and it doesn't seem to recognise remote prompt "login as:" and
keeps waiting for password prompt).

With my patch one can specify user name to use in such cases (it seems
to work, but I am quite new to elisp and don't claim to understand
tramp code). Note that in the default case, if user doesn't change the
value of tramp-default-username variable, my patch doesn't change

 Best wishes,
   Slawomir Nowaczyk
     ( address@hidden )

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